fredag 18. juni 2021

Let's talk about The Collective Coin

 Let's talk about The Collective Coin 

Disclaimer: I did not receive money for this post, but I have put money into the coin. (Approx 10$ :p )

Do your own research.

Based on what I have read from the website and telegram, I have confidence that this coin has a future and it'll continue to grow.

It was launched the 14th of June.

It has had a steady upward growth since the 17th.

It currently has 631 holders.

Current value: $0.00000000114847

Telegram is active with 1062 members.

Twitter account is active:

Website is active:

What is written in the contract:

The Collective is the vision of a decentralized marketplace for freelancers, with a predominant basis in software development and marketing.

The Collective Marketplace will bring both providers and clients together, providing alt coins a use-case environment for freelance artists, developers,
and other entrepreneurs to offer their products and services to prospective clients. It will also provide the functionality of being able to accept payment in the Collective Coin,
or virtually any cryptocurrency of their choice, on a case-by-case basis.
Both providers and prospective clients will also have the ability to utilize The Collective’s suite of various products and services with the same payment options.
We welcome you to joins us as a new Collective member. Please come in and introduce yourself to everyone. Help us build this community together.

TheCollectiveCoin to the moon

10% fee per transaction
5% Goes to liquidity
5% Burn

torsdag 17. juni 2021

So I put some money into cryptocoins

There is an importance in doing your research when buying coins.

Let me sort the coins in those I believe in and those who are dead.


The Exchange Coin(RPIL) has long value after initial dump, but it is stable. TG is active.

JIgsaw - Alive, coin has lost value, but community is alive in TG.
Shibacorgi - Not been pulled yet - Alive and kicking.

Monster Finance - Still alive, in a dip. Telegram is active and dev has paid for ads.

Green - Still alive and rising. Haven't found a telegram for it.

The Undead - Still alive (hah.) There was a massive pump that sucked the energy out of the coin. There's a telegram for it that is still active with the dev, but there doesn't seem to be any plan around it.

Nonstop Gaming - Is in a dip, but seems alive. - Telegram is active. 

RedStallion - Still alive - TG exist, active.
Terminal - Alive - TG exist and is active about the coin.

SafemoonKiller, it is in a dip right now, but it has a solid telegram population and a website.

Jtoken - Has had a downward trend, but is still alive. - Telegram found. Seems to be active.

Euro 2020 - Still alive - There's a telegram. Can't tell if it is going to rug yet.

Hold my bulls - Still alive - telegram active - Downward trend seems to be because of a failed code.

Golden Company - Still alive, active TG.

Mysterycoin - Rising - Telegram active.

Coffeeshop coin - still alive - telegram active - devs working on advertising.

Shikoku INu - Alive - Telegram is active - website exists.
(Shiko not the same as SHIK. SHIK is a rugpull.)

Markgoat - Active - TG active. 

Healing Potion - Ups and downs. Coin is alive. TG is active and advertising.

FoxCrypto - Alive - TG is up and active.

SafeJupiter - has a dip - TG seems active with an airdrop initiative.

LittleFox - Still alive - TG seems active.

Beans - Alive - TG active - Currently working on advertising

ElonCryptogod - Alive - TG Active- Currently in a big dip.


SourDiesel - Alive - In a dip - TG is active and trying to bring life back to the coin.

MoonSand - Coins is alive. TG is alive with 218 members that try to get it to work.

MoonTRIX BSC - Coin is alive, but suffers from a massive pump and dump. TG with 870 members. Website seems legit.

The Collective Coin - initial pump and dump, but otherwise looks reasonable.
 Up and down, active trading, active TG, website up. Active work on advertising.

Doggystyle - Alive - Rugpull? - TG is active.

Dingo - Alive - big dip - TG is active.

Catgirl - Alive - big dip - TG is active, website is up.

GamerDoge - Still alive, TG is alive and people there are working on advertising.


Safemoonx - coin has lost value, but the number of holders equal that of it's Telegram group, so they still believe in the coin.
ATH was in the first 30 minutes.

TokyoInu, big initial pump, way down pump. Many holders left, but coin is worth little. There are TG groups, but didn't find an english one.

RagingApe - Community adopted - Telegram exists.

Safepigx - Adopted by the community,but died from lack of interest. TG group is inaccessible? ATH 4 hours after launch.

Cryptomessiah - Rugpulled - Somewhat alive? There's a telegram still. Reached instant top and then just peetered off.

GreenCoin2.0 - Slow rug? - TG still has members in it - ATH 2 hours in.

Gentokens, gen2 - Alive - TG exist and advertising

ButtholeRocket - I can't say for sure that it was rugpulled or just a dip in interest. Couldn't find a TG on it.

BabyApe - Maybe rugpull? - TG is active and discussing how to shill.

Shibaboom - looks like a lot of people lost interest, but there's still people in the TG hoping for a recovery.


BlowJob - Looks like a rugpull. No TG found. ATH 3 hours after launch.

Apegreen - Rugpull? - Dead? - Reached ATH after 4 hours and then died down. Telegram exists, but no activity.

Melon - slow rug? - Found no telegram.

Hyperdoge - rugpull. ATH 1 hour.
There are several of these, but they're all scams.

 Friendly.Dust - Rugpull - Dead - Reahed top after 90 minutes. Then slow trend.

GrimesX - Rugpull? - ATH after 7 hours and then slow downward trend. No telegram found.

ApeStatue - Rugpull - ATH after 30 minutes and then dead.No telegram.

Nikkl - Rugpull - ATH after 6 hours. No telegram.

Howling wolf - Dead, rugpull, instant. No telegram.
Moonsoccer - Dead - Rugpull - ATH 1 after launch. No tg.
Sunbase - Dead - Rugpull - ATH 15 min after launch. No Tg.
RicksPortalGun - Dead - Rugpull - ATH 30 min after launch. TG exists, but is abandoned. 

UglyMammoth - Not sure if rugpull, but dev left. Telegram is as good as dead. Had ATH after 23 hours.
Little Ninja Panda - rugpulled- dead. No telegram. Instant ATH and then peetered off.
Lactux Tech - rugpulled or just bad advertising. Dead. Telegram is up, but there's no activity. ATH after 2 hours and then low trend.
Reiblix Tech - Rugpulled. Dead. Telegram is up, but there's no dev. ATH after 30 minutes.
RocketStarMoon - Either rugpull or dev left because no traction. Telegram is up, but no dev. ATH 2.5 hours.

Gamers Tech - Rugpull - Dead?- Can't find any telegram. ATH 1.5 hours.
AstralApe - Rugpull - Dead - ATH 2 hours.

Little Donkey - Slow rug? - Dead - No telegram found - ATH 3 hours.
Moonshark - rugged? - Kinda dead? - Telegram and website up, but nothing new there - ATH 1 hour.

Yellow finance - Rug - Website and telegram existed and then got cancelled. ATH 1 hour after launch.

RatGamer - Rug - dead. No telegram found. ATH at launch.

GalaxyWarrior - Rugpull? - Dead? - No telegram found.

Lightbase - Rugpull - No TG - ATH 15 minutes.
Dinosaur - Rugpull - No TG - ATH 10 minutes.
Neilapestrong - rugpull - no tg - ATH 15 minutes.

NFTAI - Rugpull? - TG is active, but dev has left the building? - ATH start.
Cosmic tiger - Rugpull - TG exist, but dying - ATH 20 minutes.
Milfshiba - rugpull - no tg-  ATH 7 hours after launch.

Dogeshard - Rugpull - no tg - ATH 30 min after launch.

Astropepe - rugpull - no tg - ATH 50 minutes in

GoldenFish - Rug or loss of interest - Couldn't find TG - ATH

ImperialMoon - Rug - No TG - ATH 1 hour in.

Mythicalmonkeys - rug - no TG - ATH 10 minutes in.
Persian - Rug? - Found no TG - ATH 7 minutes in.

Gamecity - Rugpull - No tg - ATH 2 hours in.
SmokingRabbit - Rugpull - no TG - ATH 50 minutes in.
Ape Empire - Rugpull - No tg - Ath 40 minutes in.

Moonshark - Rugpull - TG exist, but filled with disappointment. ATH at launch and then dead.

I love carbs - Rugpull - No TG- ATH at launch.
Salvador Volcano Energy - Rugpull - No TG - ATH 3 hour after launch.

Ozramcoin - rugpull - no tg- ATH 3 hour after launch.

Hyperplus - slow Rug?- TG exist- Ath month in.

Crepcoin - rug? - TG is up, but Dev seems to have left- ATH 19 hours in.

Legendshype -rug? - TG exist, but is populated by bots.

GoldenDragon - Rug? - No TG. ATH 1 hour after launch.

Lycatoken - Rug - tg is a bot. ATH 7 hours.

People - Rugpull - Dead , No TG - ATH 1 hour.

Bplanted - devs gone - money gone.

Elondeen - rugpull? - TG active ATH 20 minutes

Shibaman - Dead- Rugpull - No TG

Husky - Dead - Rugpull - No TG - ATH 2  hours in.

Burgerkong - rugpull - dead - no tg ATH at start

Uglymammoth - dev left - dead - TG exist, ATH 17 days

Wizard inu - rugpull - dead? - TG exist - ATH 3.5 hours in.

Shepherd - Dead? Rugpull? - TG exist, but is overrun by bots. ATH 3 hours in.

Silver swan - Rugpull? - TG exist, but bots rule the land. ATH 3 hours in.

TheOneRing - Rugpull or loss of interest - TG exist, but low membership, ATH 25 hours in.

Icemonkey - rugpull, No TG, ATH 4 hours

PeePeePooPoo - SLow rug or loss of interest?, TG exist, but I can't access it.

Fuck Rug - Loss of interest?, TG exist with people in it. ATH 1 hour after launch.

Shibacoffee - People sold out, but TG exist with 500 members. ATH 4 hours after launch.

Shibasic is dead, but the TG still has 88 members. ATH 16 hours after launch.

Polyfairy - Rugpull - TG exist, filled with angry people and bots. ATH 2 hours after launch.

Pembrokecorgi - Rugpull, dead, NO TG exist. ATH 10 hours after launch.

Honeybear - There are two. Both are rugpulls. TG exist, but there are only bots. ATh at start

DoucheCoin - Looks like a rugpull. TG is alive, but seems populated by bots. ATH at start.

ApeLambo - Rugpull - TG exist. ATH 2 minutes after start

carbs - rugpull. There's another CARBS that seem more legit.

Simba (not to be confused with SimbaBSC), looks like a rugpull, ATH at start. SimbaBSC has a telegram.

OWGaming, potential rugpull? Can't find any TG on it. ATH at start.

Pixel Inu (the one on pancakeswap was a scam), a real one can be bought on uniswap.

Gamer Bunny, pump and dump. No TG, ATH 4 hours in.

The Private Coin...seems like I bought into the wrong one.

BullApe - dead. Rug? TG has bots in it. ATH 30 minutes in.

MonkeyWizzard, Dead rugpull. ATH 26 minutes in. No TG.

Moonbus - Rugpull. Dead. TG populated by bots. ATH 4 days in.

SpaceColonies - Honeypot.
Growmoon - honeypot
Golden Sample Token - Honeypot.

fredag 26. mars 2021

Evil Overlord version 1.00

Version 1.01

I fixed a lot of bugs.

I'm planning two expansions.
One is called Rebellion.
"Former allies of the Overlord, they went into hiding when he fell. They have a hate towards humans and may or not fight against Heir depending on their choices."
I have some ideas here, but if you want to pitch in, it'd be cool.

Second expansion:
A kingdom newly formed rarely stays safe. Like vultures to a corpse, kingdoms outside out of the empire are thinking about settling old scores and take a bite out of the newly formed lands of Heir.
Throw me your ideas.


If you like it:

mandag 1. mars 2021

I can't upload pdf here.

But I can give a link.

søndag 31. januar 2021