søndag 31. mars 2024

fredag 26. mars 2021

Evil Overlord version 1.00

Version 1.01

I fixed a lot of bugs.

I'm planning two expansions.
One is called Rebellion.
"Former allies of the Overlord, they went into hiding when he fell. They have a hate towards humans and may or not fight against Heir depending on their choices."
I have some ideas here, but if you want to pitch in, it'd be cool.

Second expansion:
A kingdom newly formed rarely stays safe. Like vultures to a corpse, kingdoms outside out of the empire are thinking about settling old scores and take a bite out of the newly formed lands of Heir.
Throw me your ideas.


If you like it:

mandag 1. mars 2021

I can't upload pdf here.

But I can give a link.

søndag 31. januar 2021

lørdag 30. januar 2021