lørdag 19. januar 2013

Tibia Stuff

 The blightwalker is an undead monstrosity brought to life from demons.
Rarely is it the bringer of good news, instead bringing all sorts of despair and plagues upon its victims.

 The blood crab is a native creature to the Laguna islands.
It is a rather big crab and it can easily clip a mans arm off with its giant pincers.

The blue djinn is a creature living on the Daramanian continent. It is a creature of magic with quite a lot of powers.

fredag 4. januar 2013

New years resolutions

To draw more, to be more creative, to learn more.

To be more active and not being such an apathetic slob in front of the computer.


I drew some stuff last year.

Let's see if I can not only draw more this year, but better as well.