lørdag 24. november 2012


This I did not draw on my own, but I did color it and added some shade and effects and stuff.
In any case, the original can be seen here.

onsdag 7. november 2012

Even more Tibia

Alright, another week has passed, and some more I guess. And I have drawn some more.
Maybe I should describe the pictures a bit more.

Barbarian Skullhunter- These guys are known to collect the skulls of their fallen enemies and use said skulls for bragging purposes.

Bat - The thing you usually meet in caves. In any given RPG these are hostile as you have no idea.

Bear - They live in caves and eat adventurers. Or other stuff.

Behemoth - Known for being really huge and throwing rocks at adventurers.

Betrayed Wraith - The spirit of a fallen knight who can not find rest.

Black Knight - A deranged former knight who fights adventurers in an underground villa.