mandag 30. desember 2013

Character card: Jeeves the Butler

A character card made for Jeeves who is one of the first characters you get to know in the Overlord game.
He is a sarcastic vampire who works as a butler for the main character, Heir.

Been in the service of the family for gods know how long, Jeeves is a trustable fellow that will always stand by Heirs side.

tirsdag 24. desember 2013

Heir character card

For the Overlord game I am working on.

It is based on one of the "evil" sprites from RPG maker VX ACE.

onsdag 11. desember 2013

fredag 29. november 2013

søndag 24. november 2013

Halloween girl

A little picture used for a halloween competition.
The character in the picture belongs to:

lørdag 16. november 2013

False angel

Someone I know described an idea of a false angel. They would look like a normal angel until their eyes opened fully; their halos would shatter and their wings would lose their feathers on their wings.

They had no agenda but their own, and it usually involved punishing humans.

torsdag 19. september 2013

Not dead yet

But I did draw a necromancer:

A picture drawn for who had a birthday and I felt generous, so I drew him his necromancer.

søndag 25. august 2013


Inspired by the Anmothra monster from Tibia. It is a blackish butterfly that scorces things it touches.
It is not very nice.

mandag 19. august 2013

Devovorga, divine weapon

Devovorga is a character from the game of Tibia. Created by demon lords to fight in an ancient war.

She's not that big in game, but I took some artistic liberties.

Tibia belongs to CIPsoft.

tirsdag 30. juli 2013

Bad guy (overlord) game 0.40

Version 0.40.

Party system added.
Some party members got skills useable outside of battle.
Fixed bugs, glitches, grammar mistakes.
Redone some scenes to be better.
Added new areas.

lørdag 29. juni 2013

Eldritch book, from sketch to finished product

I started out with a sketch in my notebook which turned out like this.

Thinking that it looked rather cool, I decided to scan it and rework it digitally in GIMP. 
I think the end product became rather satisfying.
In Eldritch Russia, book reads you.

tirsdag 25. juni 2013

Wizard castle in the mountains

My sister wanted a landscape picture for her birthday. So I drew her a castle in the mountains.

søndag 23. juni 2013

Muzafr drawing step by step

Here is a step by step post on how I made the dragon drawing. 
I used GIMP as a program. A lot of layers were used to make this image so this is a bit simplified.

 Step 1: 
Sketch out the idea with the things needed for the image. 
In this case the idea was: "Dragon on hill having defeated helicopter".
Drawing out limbs and joints.
I used a large airbrush to make this.
Step 2: 
Create a new layer and draw on top of the sketch.
 This time I used a smaller airbrush
Spent a lot more time focusing on anatomy this time.

Step 3:
A third layer, this using a pencil with a small size in an attempt to make it as clear as possible.

Step 4:
Add color. Be careful when using paint bucket.

 Step 5:
Copy the layer and make the new one all gray. 
Then you can go ahead and add shadow and light.
 Step 6:
I used shadow and light in two different layers, 
but here they are combined.
 Step 7:
Use the grayscale layer as overlay and see how it affects the color layer.
 Step 8:
Add background shadows and details.
 Step 9:
For the background I had several layers.
1. Create a gradient with blue/teal to create a background sky.
2. Airbrush with a white/gray color to make clouds.
3. A third layer to make the hill the dragon is standing on.
4. Magic marker the hill and use one of the special (clouds, grass, spots) brushes on a low opacity to get a sandy texture.
5. Add shadows and wreckage.
6. Add the sand that comes when the dragon flaps its wings.  Remember that sand in the air creates shade on the ground.

There you go guys. The steps for making a dragon on a hill picture.

tirsdag 11. juni 2013

Muzafredin, desert dragon

Originally I had planned to show a battle between a dragon and an apache helicopter, but the aftermath was a bit easier to imagine.

The character is Muzafredin and belongs to Twilightsaint.

A drawing for this contest:

These tutorials were quite useful:


General dragon anatomy.

lørdag 25. mai 2013

lørdag 18. mai 2013

onsdag 1. mai 2013

RPGmaker contest

I have played various games through the RPGmaker engine, and I must say that these have turned out to be quite enjoyable and entertaining.

I even at some point attempted to make a game on my own through the trial period of the RPGmaker VX Ace.

What can I say, RPG maker helps you make your own game.

Now, I would really like to win a RPG Maker VX Ace, that would certainly inspire me to finish my game.

Here is a link to the competition:

And here is a link tot he forums in general:

søndag 14. april 2013

A mining dwarf

A little picture of a dwarf miner. You know, just to stretch those drawing muscles.

søndag 31. mars 2013

The Punisher

A gift for a friend.

He wanted something related to comics, and he likes the Punisher. This is what he gets.

I have no idea what he would do in Norway though, maybe chase the Norwegian Mafia?

Also, the Punisher belongs to Marvel.

fredag 29. mars 2013

Tafariel True Form

Probably some anatomical issues about this one, you know besides the fact that she is a combination of spider and dragon. Still, trying the idea and seeing how it works out.

søndag 3. mars 2013

Lack of updates

Sorry about the lack of updates guys, but I got a job and after buying Xenoblade, well, I am not really that good at making myself do art at the moment.

Or the short version: I`m a lazy gamer.

Take care.

lørdag 19. januar 2013

Tibia Stuff

 The blightwalker is an undead monstrosity brought to life from demons.
Rarely is it the bringer of good news, instead bringing all sorts of despair and plagues upon its victims.

 The blood crab is a native creature to the Laguna islands.
It is a rather big crab and it can easily clip a mans arm off with its giant pincers.

The blue djinn is a creature living on the Daramanian continent. It is a creature of magic with quite a lot of powers.

fredag 4. januar 2013

New years resolutions

To draw more, to be more creative, to learn more.

To be more active and not being such an apathetic slob in front of the computer.


I drew some stuff last year.

Let's see if I can not only draw more this year, but better as well.