tirsdag 31. januar 2012

An undead dragon

There is something majestic about dragons. Their size, their wings, their teeth.

Then you have the horror of undeath, the skeletal bits, the ghostly soul parts.

Now, when you combine those two, you got something out of the ordinary. You get an undead dragon.

The skeletal part was drawn through the use of this tutorial.,-dragon-skeleton.htm

All the coloring, shading and effects afterwards I did without any tutorials.

mandag 30. januar 2012

A bad idea

Waking up the old ones is generally considered a bad idea. Especially with an alarm clock.

søndag 29. januar 2012

Something about SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and H.R.1981

SOPA: Stop Online Piracy ACT. It is a bill introduced by the united states with the intent to fight onlince trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods.

The bad thing about it is that it gives companies the ability to shut down websites if any breach of copyright is found on said page even if it is a single post on the forum from a single member.
There is a constant fear that this would completely ruin free speech on the internet.

PIPA: Protectect IP Act. It is basically the same thing, but proposed through the senate, whereas SOPA is proposed through the House.

H.R. 1981: The Protecting Children from Internet Pornegraphers Act of 2011.
What it does: Any Internet Service Provider has to keep detailed records of our Internet Activity for 12 months, your name, the adress where you live, your bank account numbers, your credit card numbers, and any IP-adresses you`ve been assigned.

Now, imagine that your government knows everything about you. Every single web adress you`ve ever visited, every thing you`ve bought online. Getting an idea of why this is bad yet?

ACTA: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
It is kinda like SOPA, except on a global scale. It is an agreement between various countries around the world whereas they have gone about it in secrecy.

If you want to read more about this:

Or just google it.

fredag 27. januar 2012

The Friday Banshee

If anyone got a suggestion on what to draw next. feel free to tell me.

This is a banshee. The banshee used to be a beautiful woman before she killed herself by throwing herself of a cliff or something approriate for a cursed ghost tale. Her looks is that of a beautiful woman turned horrid by the cold hands of death. They say that a banshees scream can make a mans ears bleed and his hair go white.

Anyway, it was done with this tutorial.,-banshee.htm

In other news, me and the rest of my computer class is trying to do a blog whereas we hope that the money we get from the ads will be enough to buy a pizza at the end of the school year.

torsdag 26. januar 2012

An angel for Thursday

This is an old art piece I made. Went through an angel wing tutorial to make it, and personally I think the wings came out pretty good.

tirsdag 24. januar 2012

A Beholder for Wednesday

In Dungeons and Dragons, they are called Beholders.
In Tibia, they are called Bonelords.
In World of Warcraft, they are known as Floating Eyes.

One thing is for certain, they got a lot of eyes, a lot of teeth, and they are not nice.

A castle for Tuesday

An attempt to make the silhouette of a dark castle in the middle of night. It is probably veeeery evil.

mandag 23. januar 2012

A rat for Monday

I drew a rat from this particular tutorial.

The funny thing about rats is that they are some of the first monsters that people fight in any given MMORPG, if not any RPG. Funny thing is that they often drop gold as if they walk around with their own small wallets.

søndag 22. januar 2012

Dwarf Day

I drew this dwarf guard. I used this tutorial in the process.

fredag 20. januar 2012

Just something to start with.

Dette er et enkelt troll jeg lagde for en venn som skulle brukes i et spill. Jeg tror ikke spillet kom noe sted.

This is a simple ogre I made for a friend of mine to be used in a game. I don't think that game ever got anywhere.