søndag 31. mars 2013

The Punisher

A gift for a friend.

He wanted something related to comics, and he likes the Punisher. This is what he gets.

I have no idea what he would do in Norway though, maybe chase the Norwegian Mafia?

Also, the Punisher belongs to Marvel.

fredag 29. mars 2013

Tafariel True Form

Probably some anatomical issues about this one, you know besides the fact that she is a combination of spider and dragon. Still, trying the idea and seeing how it works out.

søndag 3. mars 2013

Lack of updates

Sorry about the lack of updates guys, but I got a job and after buying Xenoblade, well, I am not really that good at making myself do art at the moment.

Or the short version: I`m a lazy gamer.

Take care.