onsdag 28. mars 2012

Bloodwing harpy

The Bloodwing harpy is a malicious type of harpy, usually characterized by its red wings and featers. It is quite big and is quite often seen attacking adventurers and travellers.

onsdag 21. mars 2012


A planet that was hit by a major calamity. It was followed by a major fall in temperature as the dust that got into the atmosphere coverd up the suns rays. There's still some green areas, but they probably won't last. 

fredag 16. mars 2012

Step to step process to make a dragon.

1. First we got to figure out what we want the dragon to do.
The idea that got suggested to me was a barbarian fighting a dragon.

To sketch I use an airbrush with little size (Note: I use GIMP.)

Draw the joints as small balls and try to figure out a pose. (Granted, the pose might not be cool, but hey it works.)

2. Now, we make a new layer in GIMP and draw the lines on top of the sketch. Usually I change the opacity of the sketch as to easier make out what to make.

Normally I use the inkwell to do this as I find the lines smoother.

It should be noted that I use a layer for each part of the drawing.

One for the dragon, one for the background, one for the barbarian and one for the fire.

3. The coloring. Duplicate your line layers and color them whole with the color you find fitting to the things in question.

4. Duplicate the color layer, color it all gray. (Or use the thing called "Colors." and "Light and contrast." Turn the contrast all down and you should get a gray image. Use this image to shade in and then use the overlay option in the layer options.)

5. The final product.
Make a new layer called background and put it at the bottom under the other layers.

Then color in some things you find it, whether it be monsters, landscapes or clowns on bicycles.

tirsdag 13. mars 2012

Thardevaal updated.

I drew the coat of arms for the various counties in the Thardevaal country.
 Each county is ruled by a family whereas they have a certain affinity for certain things depicted on their coat of arms.

fredag 9. mars 2012

A firebreathing dragon

Within the deserts of Ankrahmun, there is often the chance of meeting the occasional fire breathing dragon. It is adviseable to carry a shield, though not a wooden one.

mandag 5. mars 2012


Thardevaal is a country set to the western part of the current known world.

It is divided into 11 counties, each ruled by a duke, baron or count. (Some sort of nobility at least.)

Well, technically it could be 10 dukes, and one king.

Each county has its own small castle . Some villages and towns are present as well, though I have not decided upon how many people should be present in each place.
The area in itself can be described as quite forestfilled, though the area below the mountain is filled with swamps and wetlands.

lørdag 3. mars 2012

torsdag 1. mars 2012

A geographical map of the world

As one can see, the  country of Thardevaal has a few mountains and some swamp areas. In general the weather is quite soggy.

Below Thardevaal are some mountains which block the rain clouds from venturing downwards.

Unduara is a rather dry and flat land, resembling that of the African steppes.

The Twisted Isles are volcanic and rocky.

Barathia and the Northwestern part of Marrachia is very mountaineous and cold. 

Marrachia has some very desert like areas.

The Forest Kingdom, Ceneria and the Jawhanian empire are all very green, has forests and many places suitable for growing food.