mandag 29. desember 2014

Dwarf Fortress - Nomekast, war against Nothing, the last stand of Meinhard

A picture of a scene from the story of Nomekast - war against Nothing.

A human soldier fights against a winged serpent.

It is of course from the game Dwarf Fortress.

Deviantart link is here:

torsdag 6. november 2014

Daily Spitpaint Challenge: Prototype Laser Weapon

Prototype laser weapon. No one said it had to be on the ground. (It kinda reminds me of that old Starfox game.)

onsdag 5. november 2014

Daily Spitpaint Challenge: Dark Palace

A daily spitpaint challenge.
This time the topic was "Dark Palace".
I think it turned out rather interested with white on black background.

tirsdag 4. november 2014

Daily Spitpaint: Blue Box

Daily Spitpaint challenge, this time it is about a Blue Box.

I decided to draw a galaxy.

mandag 3. november 2014

Daily Spitpaint: Ogre Warrior

A female Ogre Warrior drawn for the

lørdag 1. november 2014

Fire Elemental

Just messed around with airbrushing, smooshing, shading and lighting until I got the fire results.
It is just a little experiment to get rid of boredom.

fredag 3. oktober 2014

fredag 19. september 2014

Clickbait article

 On how to make clickbait



In todays society, many websites get their income from the ads they have posted on their webpage.

There are a few ways on how to gain massive clicks for an article and that is usually to gather many different tags under subjects that seem to agitate people. (Or you know, provide actual content that entertain people, but I guess that is harder.)

This article is however just an experiement from my side to see what happens if I write the correct words in the correct order.

Maybe I am just a cynical person.

  1. Bullet points

    People like numbers, especially when they go upwards in the correct order. It allows them to read things and digest them in a proper order before moving on.
  2. Religion

     Since the dawn of time we have tried to figure out what makes the world tick, and then make sure that our opinion of said theory spread so that we can feel good about ourselves. It doesn't really matter whether or not the gods exist, we will probably disagree on the details until the end of time on whether Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu, The Great Spaghetti Monster, Odin, Wotan, or BOB are the great and omnipotent one.
    (these are just examples.)

    And that is just the broad strokes however. Just within Christianity, you got Catholism, Orthodox, Methodianism, Jehovas witnesses, Adventists, babtists, etc.
  3. Abortion

    This always seems to heat the fire in a discussion. Most points involve the rights of a person to decide what to do with their own body, the sanctity of human life, the idea of what a person is worth, the worth of ones personal future etc.
    No matter what your stance are on this, you are bound to find people who disagree with you. Usually this also includes influence from point 2.
  4. Gun Rights

    This one seems mostly to be prevalent in America. There are many cases of which someone has a gun and uses it shoot people who they don't like and afterwards shoot themselves.
    (there are over 310 million people in the U.S.A so it is a large populations to get news from.)
    There are also many cases in which someone has used a gun to deter invaders of their homes or to stop a robbery.
    Pride meets tragedy.
  5. Feminism and Video Games

    Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn seems to get a lot of hassle because they are women and that they have spoken about video games. (Yes, I know that is not the whole story, but do you suppose they would have gotten the same threats and treatment if they had been men?) When something pushes peoples buttons to the point that they are sending death and rape threats to their vidoes, it is a sign that something is going on.
    How angry do you have to be to wish violation of a persons life?

    Addendum to above:
    Console wars also seems to agitate people to a certain degree. I guess it is because you buy a console because you want to play video games. Most people will only grow up with one as most households do not have the money for several of them at the same time.
    Thus you want to defend your purchase so you don't feel like a tool.

    15. A bullet point that has a different number to see if it annoys you 


 This has been me experimenting with an article and the tag system. Maybe it gets attention, maybe it doesn't. Thank you for reading.

mandag 18. august 2014

Gao the swamp witch

Character belongs to
Artist draws ogres and witches that devour people. Visit at own risk.

Considering her nature, I kinda imagined she`d come out of the swamp water whenever someone was foolish enough to take a swim.
And then she devours them.

tirsdag 29. juli 2014


What I assume the creation myth of Dwarf Fortress would look like. If you haven't heard of Dwarf Fortress, check it out here:

Edit: The picture doesn't show as much as I wanted. Check out the DA instead.

onsdag 25. juni 2014

Vulkan Heidi /Volcano Heidi

A picture for my sister who wanted to be a Volcanopowered superhero.
I was happy to draw that for her.

onsdag 28. mai 2014

Dwarf mage with fireball

A dwarf mage drawn for my friend who just had her birthday.
The outfit is a bit simplified, but I think I got the general look down.

søndag 18. mai 2014

søndag 11. mai 2014

Magic girl

Made for the Rpgmaker forum art challenge nr 18, this time the challenge was to draw a "magic girl".

Now, what makes a magic girl.
Obviously it is the transformation into a girl with a colorful dress and with weapon of some sort which she use to fight bad guys.

Here I tried to draw a girl who looked a bit bulky, and who had giant iron fists for a weapon.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

(If you don't know what a magic girl is, it is from typical animes where normal girls power up into super heroines by the use of magic. See Sailor Moon, Mahou Magica Madoka, Tokyo Mew Mew, Witch or Winx.)

torsdag 17. april 2014

Art dump

Hello guys, here's some art I drew for the challenges over at RPGmaker forums. THey are not particularly well done, but I think they are worth a share anyway. 

 1. Here the challenge was to draw a skill that is rarely seen in a video game. I went with the catgirl summoning an avalanche of cats because...I have no idea. It just popped into my head.

2. Here the idea was to draw a scene of despair. I don't know what can cause more despair than to see hours of video game time run down the drain.                                        
   3. Here the challenge was to design a weapon. I went with a sword which is double blade, one blade is one fire and the other is freezing cold. Useful`? I don't think so.
 4. Here the challenge was to draw something with only four colors. I think a castle in the swamps with the sun rising in the distance would be nice. I think it came out rather nicely really.
 5. Here the challenge was to design an armor. Considering how minmaxing works in most RPGs, I suppose you could end up with rather silly outfits.
 6. Here the challenge was to draw something from Greek Mythology. I am sure a greek sphinx devouring a bad riddleguesser would fit into the theme quite nicely.

fredag 11. april 2014

Finnie Space commander

I drew this for thehungrysuccubus.deviantart.c… (enter on your own volition, NSFW) of her character Finnie. Other characters of her that is included are Shalien, Bad Pony, Lashket and Lezefel.

The poses are homage to the Buck Rogers poster.

torsdag 3. april 2014

Character card, Elea the Banshee

A character for my game "Heirs quest" also known as "Evil Overlord".

Elea the banshee is a ghost character you rescue from jail.

She is a caster character who has some interesting spells. Her cold hands can slow down enemies, her scream can paralyze and her ghostly winds may increase the speed of her allies.

fredag 14. mars 2014

Tree in space

Made for a challenge on the RPGmaker forums.
The challenge was to draw a "fantastic tree."

I thought to myself that a giant tree floating through space would be pretty fantastic.

onsdag 19. februar 2014

Character Card, Sirrta the Succubus

Most Succubi have an innate ability to use magic to their advantage in battle.
Mostly in the form of illussions and allure.

Sirrta is different, she likes to use magic to set fire onto enemies and other things.

mandag 27. januar 2014

Tibia Wizard, step by step

Hey guys, I don't usually do these, but I was rather satisfied with my wizard so I thought could share some step by step work in case anyone is curious about how I do it.

Just some basic starter information. I use GIMP as a drawing program, use airbrush for sketching, inkbrush for linework.

Step 1: I start with a mannequin, a ball for a head, a box for a torso, balls for joints and sylinders for arms and legs. It is a good practice to make sure they are around the same length and width, besides they also add some depth.
Now, I am not saying this is how you should do it. This is just how I do it.

Step 2: I make a new layer and use a thinner airbrush to add some body and clothing on top of the mannequin. Already now we can see that he is a bit of a wizardy type.

Step 3: Refining the sketch. Here I use a thinner airbrush about half the size I started with. This is where I start with adding some details to the drawing. Like fuzz in the beard, wrinkles in the clothing and crinkles in the staff.

Step 4: I make another layer in GIMP and draw on top of the sketch, but now I use the inkbrush at a small size. This allows for some nicer work.

Step 5: After the linework, I make a layer beneath it and fill in the flat coloring.  Avoid using the bucket, but instead just be thourough with a pen or brush.

Step 6:  I make another layer above, using this as an overlaying layer. I then use an airbrush at half density and then just fill as best I can depending on where I believe the light will hit.  To get a better shadow density, I used a smudge tool in some spots to get the right distribution of light and shadow.

Step 7:  After combining the layers of shade, lines and flat colors, I get something like this.
I did decide to add some lightning colors to the orb. This was used with an airbrush and just draw some erratic lines back and forth.
It should be noted that I made a copy of the linework where I used a smudge tool to get some lighter lines in the midst of it all.

Step 8:  As a last piece of work, I added some layers in the background.
One layer for shadow which I placed directly beneath his robe.
Another layer for fire whereas I just colored black the places that would be burnt, uses a dark red/yellow color for fire, and more or less a black airbrush on low density for the shading of the grass.

And that is pretty much how I did it.

søndag 26. januar 2014

Tibia Wizard

A wizard from Tibia is capable of many things, good or evil. Nevertheless, his powers of magic allows him to yield both thunderstorms and fire to his will creating chaos where he choose.

I made this for a friend of mine who plays Tibia. It was his birthday.

søndag 19. januar 2014

Sampson the silver knight

I did this character for a friend of mine.
His character is an anthro fox (or kitsune) wearing a silver armor.
I added chainmail as I thought it would fit nicely with his armor.

The background was just added for fun.

mandag 6. januar 2014

Knight of the Mushroom Kingdom.

If Super Mario used armor in a Medieval setting in the Mushroom kingdom is the idea here.
I think it turned out well.

fredag 3. januar 2014

Character Card, Gusto the Shade

Gusto, the shade, a character from my RPG.

His abilities allow him to bypass the defense of the enemies along with backstabbing and poisons.
He's also a pervert.