fredag 16. mars 2012

Step to step process to make a dragon.

1. First we got to figure out what we want the dragon to do.
The idea that got suggested to me was a barbarian fighting a dragon.

To sketch I use an airbrush with little size (Note: I use GIMP.)

Draw the joints as small balls and try to figure out a pose. (Granted, the pose might not be cool, but hey it works.)

2. Now, we make a new layer in GIMP and draw the lines on top of the sketch. Usually I change the opacity of the sketch as to easier make out what to make.

Normally I use the inkwell to do this as I find the lines smoother.

It should be noted that I use a layer for each part of the drawing.

One for the dragon, one for the background, one for the barbarian and one for the fire.

3. The coloring. Duplicate your line layers and color them whole with the color you find fitting to the things in question.

4. Duplicate the color layer, color it all gray. (Or use the thing called "Colors." and "Light and contrast." Turn the contrast all down and you should get a gray image. Use this image to shade in and then use the overlay option in the layer options.)

5. The final product.
Make a new layer called background and put it at the bottom under the other layers.

Then color in some things you find it, whether it be monsters, landscapes or clowns on bicycles.

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