onsdag 15. august 2012

Overlord game update 0.26

Version 0.26

What's new:

Fixed bugs that have appeared.

Should be able to enter town and fight now.

You can also enter the desert town, but there's no content there yet.

Added more npcs and stuff in general. Check the Overlord castle, the town and inn for more content there.

Thanks to Garz for NPC stuff and book stuff.
Thanks to Avant for a particular adventure book.

As said earlier, I find it easier to upload these in more bitesized chunks.  Though I would love to make a lot of stuff, there's not enough time, so instead you get smaller updates once in a while instead of not at all.

I did not upload 0.25 here as it was mostly just a bugfix. Now there's more content as well.

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