lørdag 18. februar 2012

Den Moderne Hulder / The Modern Nymph

The nymph, a creature usually found in northern mythology looks human but has traits that are not. The most recognizeable one is the cowtail.

Of course, as the modern age of man sets in, it is no longer easy to be a creature of mythology. Thus the creatures go into hiding.

One can spot the creature by their shadows when the angle of the light is just right.

In mythology, the nymph or "Huldra" as she is named in Norwegian, had quite the affinity for men. Whereas they would lure the men with them into the mountain halls whereas the men would never be seen again.

This particular one is named Gunniva and is just waiting for the right one to pass by.

(Made after a discussion with a friend called Sibon13.)

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