tirsdag 21. februar 2012

A step to step process

To draw the Modern nymph, I used Gimp.
The way I draw this, I make a layer for each of the step.

1. I begin with drawing circles for where the joints are. Then I draw the lines inbetween. I used the spray tool for this.

2. Use a stronger line tool for the next step. I tend to use the inkwell. Remember to make a new layer as you are supposed to draw over, and not directly on.

3. Draw the lines of clothes on top of the others.

4. Draw a jacket.

5. Fill in the blank colors. Try to not use the fill bucket, but instead use one of the other tools. The ink weel works quite nice for me.

6. Now for a certain trick. Duplicate color layer. Go to the menu called "Colors." Go to the "Light strength-contrast part. (Fourth from top.) Turn the contrast all down. You now have a gray part.

7. You can now use this layer to put in all the shading you find necessary.

8. Use "Lay-over" option in layer option on this particular. If you got the color layer beneath, you will now have a shaded woman.

9. I used one of the standard background you can find in GIMP. The brick wall. I only marked it and resized it so it would fit the background.

10. Go to a new layer. Use the airbrush with black and white to make some areas appear brighter and others appear darker.

11. Find your woman. Use "Drop Shadow" and experiment a bit around with it to get a good result. The "Drop shadow" is placed in a new layer and thus one can put it wherever you wish.

At last, do some minor fixes if one find anything wrong. Remember to use duplicate layers and seperate layers to make sure you get the right effects. We don't want anythig to be irreperable.

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